12th Army (Wehrmacht)

The 12th Army / Army high command 12 (AOK 12) was a major unit of the Army of the Wehrmacht during the Second World War. She was supreme command each alternating Army Corps as well as many special forces.


It was erected in the 12th Army on 18 August 1939. At the beginning of the Polish campaign’s it was renamed Army Group South.

On 13 October 1939 the company was renamed the 14th Army 12 Army. This then took part in the western campaign and Balkan campaign. Commander was up to 28 October 1941 Field Marshal Wilhelm List. On 1 January 1943 was the re-conversion to the Army Group E. Opened in June 1941, the 12th Army commander at the same time in the afternoon.

On 10 April 1945, the 12th Army, Army also “Wenck” named after their commander Walther Wenck, again drawn up. She was the youngest soldiers of the army with the Wehrmacht and one of Hitler’s last hopes in the fight against the Soviets and Americans.

On 1 Wenck’s army met in May 1945 with approximately 20,000 soldiers of the 9th Army together, and the commander led them towards Tangermünde west. On 6 May many soldiers and refugees arrived there in U.S. captivity.

The 12th Army capitulated under General Maximilian of precious home in the town hall of Stendal.

Outline 1945

•Army High Command (AOK) 12

•Army and Panzer Corps◦XX. Army Corps

◦XLI. Panzer Corps

◦XXXIX. Panzer Corps

◦XLVIII. Panzer Corps

•Divisions◦RAD-divisions “Friedrich Ludwig Jahn” (with 251 staff Infantry Division)

◦RAD-divisions “Theodor Körner”

◦Infantry Division “Ulrich von Hutten”

◦85th Infantry Division “Potsdam”

◦Infantry Division “Ferdinand von Schill”

◦Infantry Division “Scharnhorst”

◦Infantry Division “Potsdam”

•other associations◦1 Anti-Armor Brigade “Hitler Youth”

◦Free Corps “Adolf Hitler”

◦Cadet school for Pioneers I (West)

◦Assault Gun Brigade 1170

◦Assault Gun Brigade 243

◦Panzer Division 3 Hunting


•Field Marshal Wilhelm List — 13 October 1939 to 29 October 1941

•The Engineer General Walter Kuntze — 29 October 1941 to 2 July 1942

•Colonel General Alexander Löhr — 2 July to 31 December 1942

•General of Panzer troops Walther Wenck — 10 April to 7 May 1945


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Army of the Wehrmacht

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