Army Group B

Army Group B was a major unit of the Army of the Wehrmacht during the Second World War. It was supreme command each changing armies as well as many special forces.

Three departments were named high command Army Group B and were employed in four campaigns / theaters. The subordinate armies and other organizations changed frequently. The army group itself was in western campaign and the war against the Soviet Union, the Army High Command assumed in Italy and later in France the Commander South and West and thus, indirectly, the High Command of the Wehrmacht.



The first Army Group B was 12 October 1939 by renaming the installed from Poland to West Germany Army Group North. Army Group B was formed in the first part (Fall Gelb) the three army groups undertaken with West campaign is the northern wing and moved through the Netherlands and Belgium to the French Channel coast before. In the subsequent case of the Red Army Group B came down to south from Paris and the southern Atlantic coast to the western wing of the Channel coast and the Somme. On 16 August 1940 was moved Army Group B to East Prussia and to the General Government and renamed at the start of the war against the Soviet Union in Army Group Center.

Eastern Front 1942/43,

A new Army Group B created on 9 July 1942 on the Soviet front, as Army Group South was split to carry out the planned summer offensive (Operation Blue) in the Army Groups A and B. The Army Group South remained and was renamed Army Group B, in the south, a new Army Group A. operation goals of Army Group B was were the Volga and Stalingrad. During the operation, the front Uranus Army Group B was 21 November 1942 north and south of Stalingrad, the Red Army breached. The 6th Army and part of the third Romanian army were thereby included in Stalingrad. The standing army at Stalingrad associations of the group hastily erected Army Group Don were subordinate now. There were other breakthroughs of the Red Army in the area of ​​Army Group B, including 18 December during the Middle Don operation and on 14 January 1943 during Operation Ostrogozhsk-Rossosch. 9 February 1943, the army group commander was removed from the command structure and moved back into the home, the imputed associations were divided into Army Groups Center and Don.

Western Europe 1943-45

With the commander of Army Group B, and the drum work staff who had dealt with measures in Italy, was born on 19 July 1943 in Munich again an active Army Group B placed. It was then moved to the support of the Italian defense against the Allies since the taking of Sicily (July / August 1943) expected invasion of Italy to northern Italy. There were also plans to disarm axis or capture of the Italian troops and the occupation of important points in the case of an Italian war outlet under the name case. After the announcement of the Italian armistice with General Dwight D. Eisenhower on 8 September led the Army Group B these measures in their area through. On 26 November 1943 was the commander of Army Group B dissolved and partially used for the expansion of the rod Commander SW.

On the same day a new Army Group B was set up with the task of improving the security of the North Sea and English Channel coast outside the Reich territory. It worked briefly in Denmark, in January 1944 between the Netherlands and Brittany. The units were stationed there under him in May 1944 as Army Group B. After the Normandy invasion the army group was formed prior to the preparation of Army Group H in the Netherlands on 11 November 1944 the north wing of the Western Front, and later the central portion. The Army Group B led 1944/Januar in December 1945 by the Battle of the Bulge. It went under in the Ruhr pocket in April 1945.


•12th October 1939 Field Marshal Fedor von Bock

•15th July 1942 Field Marshal Maximilian von Weichs

•14th July 1943 Field Marshal Erwin Rommel

•19th July 1944 Field Marshal Günther von Kluge (both OB West)

•17th August 1944 Field Marshal Walter Model (until September 5, 1944 at the same time OB West)

Chief of Staff

•12th October 1939 General of Infantry Hans von Salmuth

•20th May 1941 Major General Hans von Greiffenberg

•9 July 1942 Infantry General Georg von Sodenstern

•20th May 1943 Lieutenant General Alfred Gause

•15th April 1944 Lieutenant General Hans Speidel

•5 September 1944 General of Infantry Hans Krebs

•16th February 1945, Major General Carl Wagener

Outline of Army Group

Army Group Troops:•Army Group news Regiment 537 (1-up)

•Army Group news Regiment 605 (2-up)


imputed major units

1 Lineup (1939)

November 1939 4 Army, 6th Army, 18 Army 

May 1940  6 Army, 18 Army 

June 1940  9 Army, 6th Army, 4th Army Panzer Group Kleist

July 1940  7 Army, 4th Army 

August 1940  7 Army, 4th Army, 6th Army

September 1940  18th Army, 4th Army, 6th Army

January 1941  18th Army, 4th Army, 17 Army Panzer Group 2, military commander in the General 

May 1941  9 Army, 4th Army

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2 Lineup (1942)

August 1942 2 Army, 2nd Hungarian army, 8 Italian army, XXIX. Army Corps, 6th Army, 4th Panzer Army 

September 1942  2 Army, 2nd Hungarian army, 8 Italian Army, 6th Army, 4th Panzer Army 

October 1942  2 Army, 2nd Hungarian army, 8 Italian Army, 3rd Romanian Army, 6th Army, 4th Panzer Army 4 Romanian Army

December 1942  2 Army, 2nd Hungarian army, 8 Italian Army

January 1943  2 Army, 2nd Hungarian army, 8 Italian Army, Army Department Fretter-Pico

February 1943  2 Army, Army Detachment Lanz, 8 Italian Army, 2nd Hungarian army

March 1943 eAdministrative Order High Command in Germany

September 1943  LI. Mountain Army Corps II SS Panzer Corps, LXXXVII. Army Corps

December 1943  e Administrative Order OKW in Denmark 

May 1944  7 Army, 15 Army, Wehrmacht commander Netherlands 

June 1944  7 Army, 15 Army, Wehrmacht commander Netherlands, Panzer Group West

August 1944  1 Army, 5th Panzer Army, 7th Army, 15 Army, Wehrmacht commander Netherlands

September 1944  7 Army, 1st Parachute Army, 15 Army

November 1944  7 Army, 5th Panzer Army, Army Group Student

December 1944  7 Army, 5th Panzer Army

January 1945  7 Army, 5th Panzer Army, 6th Panzer Army, 15 Army 

February 1945  7 Army, 5th Panzer Army, 15 Army 

April 1945  15th Army, 5th Panzer Army, Army Department Luttwitz

Army Group of the Wehrmacht

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