Battle of Centuripe

Battle of Centuripe was part of the Operation Husky launched by the Allies. This was an offensive campaign launched by the Allies, and ultimately the Allies troops successfully occupied the Italian town Centuripe and repelled the German garrison and rushed them to the last line of defense in northeastern Sicily.

In July 1943 after the Allies landed in Sicily, the British launched the attack from the east. Although the attack was not smooth, after three weeks of fighting, the British advanced to the central region of the island. Centuripe was a small town in the region with the rugged terrain, which would help to defense. German Hermann Göring Divison subordinated units were responsible for the defense of the region. The British troops in charge of the attack came from the 78th Infantry Division.

Although the terrain factor increased the difficulty of attack, the British still had an active support of ground fire. On 2 August, the British began to attack the region. The battle was very fierce, the two sides had street fighting in the town. The Germans also used a small amount of tanks to support the street fighting. After two days of fighting, the British wiped out the Germans and rushed the remaining troops to the new German defense line further north.

At the same time when the campaign was launched, fierce fighting also happened in the west of the town of Troina Centuripe. The U.S. forces attacked against the Germans in Troina and eventualy won the two battles and gave the Germans a major blow. In fact, the German equipment and personnel were both not adequate. And after experiencing a major failure in North Africa not long ago, the morale was affected.

After this war, the Axis forces only controlled parts of the northeastern part of the island of Sicily and were unable to continue to fight with the Allies and retreated from Messina to the Italian mainland.

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