Battle of Maastricht

The Battle of Maastricht is a commitment of the Battle of the Netherlands to control the city of Maastricht between the Wehrmacht and the Royal Netherlands Army during World War II. It resulted in a German victory.


Maastricht is a city key to enter the Belgian fortress of Eben-Emael and split the Allied armies in two. The purpose of the German operation was to take the bridges over the Meuse intact to have an easy access route to France. The Germans had already sent disguised in civilian commandos whose task was to defuse charges bridges. However, they were spotted and arrested and executed by the Dutch authorities.

Course of the battle

The 4 Panzer was ordered to storm the city on May 10 She met strong resistance. The Dutch garrisons try to defend the bridges but fail to contain the German advance, although they inflicted heavy losses on the enemy. Only the railway bridge will remain intact and serve as a passage for the German Panzer s. After Dutch anti-tank units were neutralized resistance fades and the last defenders in and around Maastricht surrender.

Lieutenant Colonel Govers, commander of the Dutch troops in the region of Limburg, ordered a debriefing on the situation later in the day. Battle plans are also found on a German prisoner of war. All German units were identified in the plans and maps with all targets that were part of the operation.


German losses are not detailed, but estimate of about 130-190 Germans perished in the battle. In addition, nine armored vehicles and tanks were destroyed in Limburg and 10 German aircraft, mostly Junkers Ju 52 and Ju-87 were killed.

The consequence of the Dutch defeat the Germans will focus on the breakthrough at Sedan and outflank the French fortifications of the Maginot Line as the battle of the Netherlands had only begun. Five days later, on May 15, the Netherlands surrendered.

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