Operation Husky Timeline

The battle took place in 1943. The time below always refers to what happened during the year of 1943.

June 11, in the Operation Corkscrew, the British 1st Infantry Division occupied the island of Pantelleria. More than 10,000 Italian garrisons on the island surrendered. The island is located in the southwest of Sicily.

June 12, the Allies occupied the other two islands of Lampedusa and Linosa and cleared the peripheral obstacles for the invasion of Sicily.

July 9, the Allies implemented airborne operations before the ground forces landed in Sicily to seize the important roads and bridges.

July 10, a few hours after fulfilling the airborne operations, the Allies’ ground forces began landing at the beach.

July 10, the British occupied Syracuse, a city in the southeast of Sicily on the day that the British landed.

July 10, the U.S. military minesweeper USS Sentinel and the destroyer USS Maddox were sunk by the Axis forces.

July 16, due to the huge losses, the Italian Air Force withdrew combat aircrafts in Sicily to mainland Italy.

July 16, the Royal Navy cruiser HMS Cleopatra was hit by the Italian submarine-launched torpedoes, badly damaged, but not sunk.

July 17, the Italian light cruiser Scipione Africano had a naval battle in the Strait of Messina with four Royal Navy torpedo boats. One torpedo boat was sunk and one was damaged eventually of the Royal Navy with 12 people died.

July 22, the U.S. Seventh Army troops occupied the capital Palermo of Sicily and captured defenders of nearly 20,000 million people. Although this war failed to annihilate a lot of garrison troops, the fall of the Sicilian capital led to the collpase of Mussolini government.

August 4, the British occupied Centuripe in the centre of Sicily and repulsed the Germans stationed there and won the Battle of Centuripe, which resulted in the collapse of the German defense in Catania.

August 5, the British occupied the eastern city Catania of Sicily. This is the second important city occupied by the British forces.

August 6, the U.S. military defeated the Axis forces in the Battle of Troina. The battle broke through the newly established German Etna Line and the Allies continued to advance to the northeast of the island.

August 11, the Axis forces began to fully retreat from Sicily, which passed through the Strait of Messina to mainland Italy.

August 16, the U.S. military vanguard entered into the northeastern city of Messina in Sicily, which was also the last major stronghold of the Axis on the island.

August 17, the Allies completely occupied the whole of Sicily and the battle ended. Most of the German retreated and a part of the Italian army retreated. The remaining hundreds of thousands of Italian troops were captured by the Allies.

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