René Prioux

René Jacques Adolphe Prioux (April 11, 1879 in Bordeaux, France – June 16, 1953 in Algiers, French Algeria) is a French army general.


A volunteer for four years as mayor of Bernay, August 9, 1897, it is the dragon 6 Dragoon Regiment. October 30, 1897, he joined the Special Military School of Saint-Cyr, he leaves lieutenant in the 6th Chasseurs Regiment 1 in October 1899. Lieutenant two years later, he successively joined 21 Chasseurs Regiment (24 January 1907), an internship at the General Staff of 19 Corps (22 October 1908), was appointed to the Staff of the Cavalry Brigade of Algeria (22 October 1910), Captain senior administrators March 27, 1911, he joined December 25, 1911 3 Regiment of Chasseurs Afrique then new framework set out in March 1914.

War puts the Headquarters of the Army and to the Staff of 34 Corps November 7, 1914. He was then seconded to the General Staff of the detachment of the Army of the Vosges and that of the VII Army, then at the Army detachment in Belgium. Finally, it is attached to the General Staff of 36 Corps May 22, 1915, passes squadron leader on April 9, 1917 and left the 36 C for 5 Dragoon Regiment February 18, 1918. Senior administrators in the General Staff of the 164 DI, he became Chief of Staff of the 52 DI February 10, 1919.

At the General Staff of Morocco in March 1919, he was an intern at the War College in September 1919 and maintained Excluding framework by ministerial decision. Professor at the War College in 1921, he is responsible for the cavalry during January 1923 to the rank of lieutenant-colonel December 25, 1923 and joined the 8 fpahis Regiment on 21 August 1925 that Order it in March 1926. Assigned to the order 11 Cuirassiers Regiment, it is part of the French Military Mission to Poland in 1929, he became the head October 9, 1931 and was appointed Brigadier General August 12, 1932.

Again placed on standby in September 1932, he was given command of the cavalry in Tunisia in October of the same year. 1 in February 1936, he was appointed Chief of Cavalry in the War Department with the rank of Major General in the following month. Commander of 7 Region Besançon in February 1938, he became Inspector General of Cavalry (1 in February 1939) while maintaining command of 7 Region where he was finally replaced in May 1939.

Appointed to command the body Cavalry September 2, 1939, he led to Belgium as part of the plan Dyle-Breda and, following the fatal crash of General Billotte, the round part of the commandments of May 1940. It was under his leadership that the French cavalry won the battle Hannuit, one of the few victories of the French armored for once well used. It is placed at the head of the Army May 26, 1940, and was taken prisoner of war on the 29th of the same month. Repatriated in April 1942, he was placed in reserve in May and in September received rank and title of General of the Army.

The French historian Marc Bloch, in his book The Strange defeat the way the general Prioux was taken prisoner by the German army May 29, 1940.


•Knight of the Legion of Honor November 7, 1914

•Officer of the Legion of Honor December 28, 1921

•Cross 1939-1945

•Commander of the Legion of Honor December 30, 1936

•Grand Officer of the Legion of Honor June 4, 1940

•Commander with Star of the Order of Polonia Restituta in March 1933

Born in Bordeaux

Born in 1879

Deaths in 1953

French General

French military in World War II

Grand Officer of the Legion of Honor

Holder of the Croix de Guerre 1939-1945

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