ww2 facts, Adolf Hitler

1. Hitler joined the First World War as a German Soldier when he was young. His military rank was corporal, but he fought full of vigour. He was granted Iron Cross, First Class in 1918, which was rarely released to officers and soldiers of primary levels.

2. Hitler staged the Beer Hall Putsch in 1923 in order to get the political power. But the coup failed and Hitler was therefore put into prison. Mussolini launched a similar coup in 1922. The difference was Mussolini succeeded and became the prime minister of Italy.

3. Hitler was born in Austria-Hungary but worked and lived in Germany for a long time. However, Hitler acquired the citizenship of Germany till in 1932.

4. Hitler assumed the office of the prime minister of Germany in 1933 and became a dictator after Hindenburg died in 1934, only two years from his German citizenship.

5. Before the Second World War broke out, Hitler had already been involved in engagements with the Allies in the diplomatic field for several times. For instance, the Germans entered into the non-military area of Rhine River, occupation of Austria by Germany, annexation of Czech, building of Siegfried Line etc. In these engagements, Hitler obtained complete victory and successfully got rid of restriction by the Treaty of Versailles on Germany. Through annexing the core area of the former Austria-Hungary, German strength was stronger compared with that before World War I.

6. Before the First World War broke out, Hitler obtained strategic advantage against the Allies through successful diplomatic operations. Both Japan and Italy as members of the Allies in the period of the First World War built friendly relationship with Germany and left the Allies. Additionally, although Germany and the Soviet Union had similar but opposite political ideas, they still kept a relationship of cooperation and signed the agreement dividing East Europe.

7. The agreement signed between Hitler and the Soviet Union before the Battle of Poland guaranteed the victory of the battle. Germany rapidly defeated Poland with strategic advantage and left the Allies in a very unfavorable situation.

8. In the Battle of France, Hitler adopted the plan drew up by Manstein, which enabled the Germans to defeat France in a short time through the Ardennes.

9. In 1940, Hitler reached the peak of his success. The Axes with Germany as the center had completely suppressed the Allies. Among the Allies in the period of the First World War, Russia, Japan, Italy all maintain a good relationship with Germany. France had been defeated. The U.S. still maintained neutral. Only Britain was still fighting against Germany.

10. Starting a war with the Soviet Union is the biggest mistake made by Hitler, which turned his powerful supporter into an enemy. Since then, Germany fell into strategic disadvantage till was defeated in 1945.

11. Hitler dreamed about becoming a painter when he was young but the dream never came true.

12. There was only one day from Hitler’s getting married to his suicide, that is to say he only spent one day of marriage life.

13. Hitler had different opinions with his senior officers for several times. Although it was proved finally that Hitler was right for many times, his invasion of the Soviet Union without considering other people’s objection led to the complete failure.

14. Choosing to commit suicide in the final moment, Hitler’s death was more respectable that that of Mussolini.

15. There were many assassinations against Hitler, but he luckily survived all of them. In 1944, his opponent ignited a bomber in the conference room, but he was only slightly injured.

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